A carved wooden chess set – probably Indian

Some months ago I purchased this delightful cased and carved wooden set – king 8cms. Having a good close look at the carving quality is to be recommended. The set was purchased via Potteries Auctions at a bargain price, their in-house post / packing being excellent. This Vintage 20th century set was most likely made for the tourist, with fun carved camel bishops, elephant rooks, and innocent looking horse head knights. One could say it is a pity that surviving skills are not used in creating such delightful sets, rather than the endless repro’s with twisted historical crap descriptions with no merit whatsoever! The set was described as Burmese? I simply don’t know for sure hence this frank admission.

To illustrate the impression that these amusing sets can make, it was delightful to see the reaction of my neighbour of Pakistani origin when she saw the fun looking camel and elephant carved pieces. I believe this set was from a recently deceased CCI member, and I fully appreciate why he purchased the set because it makes me smile too.


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March 30, 2023

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