Bohemian Staunton chess set

This interesting antique Staunton  – (:// is a GAS (Genuine Antique Set), yet some of the ridiculous descriptions for older chessmen might as well be called ‘A U N T  T E A K‘ ?! – sounds crazy but it makes a point of ridicule to many sellers. The set had no original box an came with a board in dreadful condition but just about restorable. The king being close to 3 inches with single weighted pieces (not too heavy), one piece knights, and it has highly unusual bishops. I discussed this set with two very experienced collectors – both CCI members- to best establish a decent opinion.

Buying at auction is not risk free, but I failed to notice the different coloured pawns were not correct copies, so two replacement pawns became necessary. This self-inflicted error hardly broke my piggy bank .Having failed to request a quality condition report was my gentle punishment thus taken on my chins – no sense in having a pointless moan to the auction house. Unlike quite a few of my sets this small fellow seems to be rather scarce as I have not seen another one! Talking of pawns, these pieces are by far the most likely to be lost – losing queens is for patzers! Should the endless producers of reproduction chess sets not look at offering buyers of their sets two extra pawns perhaps instead of the extra queens nonsense?





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July 18, 2023

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