Russian plastic chess set – circa 1950

USSR Chess 1950’s. The material of the figures is carbolite and heavy. A very small circulation of such sets.
Sizes of figures:-  king 2.8 inches, horse 2.4 inches, pawn 1.6 inches, and a recent ‘fresh meat’ purchase from Russia.

The set arrived with no original box, but to be fair minded the mis-descriptions of plastic chessmen are so common one might as well make up fresh names – ‘Amber light’ or amberlite, best to check the traffic and road signs, ‘Baker lite‘, the bread maker on a slim fast diet! ‘Sell you Lloyd‘, a type of early plastic – I’m of course just jesting/poking fun at sellers who have a minimal idea of just what the set is made of. This set is according to my Ebay searches far from common, and the seller (olegtitov9), offered this set at a decent price, with a very reasonable shipping cost, so I was pretty happy with his service. The chessmen are displayed on a craft type of inlaid plastic board 12x 12 inches with the stocky bases – it is perfect for playing speed chess with.

Plastic has been taking a lot of hits in the news over being dumped in the sea , rivers, so one wonders if some environmentalists will cause future problems for us collectors? This neat looking set won’t end up in our oceans if any collectors pick one up, as it is a nice thing. The off white colour could be confused with ivory if any official was to decide to be suspicious, and the recent trend of discolouring /ageing plastic so creating any ivory antique-looking plastic sets will give customs people headaches in the future if this trend continues. The seller’s description, i.e. calling the tactile pieces ‘heavy’ is more than a tad optimistic – the felts have a type of faux leather effect and the pieces have faint looking seam joins but are not hollow.


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May 30, 2020

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