A B&Co. Staunton set

these scarce set s are sought after, but much as i like mine the set has 4 very likable replacement knights. i purchased this lovely set on e bay in 2006, but it took me a few years to confirm this fact.i have seen over 6 such sets owned by CCI members and there is little doubt these likable horses are not from the B & CO  STABLES..these sets have an usual feature in that the pieces unscrew from their bases.with a 8 cms king these unweighted pieces are a delight i am so pleased with these knightheads i would not exchange these for the correct b& co horses, and thus they are in a good home.dating from the late 19th century. sometimes as a collector it is easy to purchase a set which has replacement pieces , all due to the lack of knowledge on the maker by a seller.this is why buying for love beats buying for investment .



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March 7, 2019

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