african tribal set

I am unsure where this originates from but a recent purchase from E BAY ,complete with board , and in great condition, was bought for a pittance & the unfortunate seller deserved more ,but on occasion we collectors can be a little bit scrooge like, myself included  ( no offence to fellow CCI members meant) and these tribal sets can be underestimated. I have no idea of the set’s wood type . With a 9 cms king the board has smaller squares for the pieces than I would like at 13x 13 inches square , which tends to be a regular issue with these type of sets. The American collector Ned Munger wrote a book on sets of this type

by Dr. Ned Munger Cultures, Chess, and Art, Volume 1 (Sub-Saharan Africa), by Dr. Ned Munger is truly a treasure for any chess player of African descent. This is not a book about chess as the sport, but gives a fascinating history of the artistry of chess set carving and the hundreds of sets found by the author in his 90 trips to the African continent. info taken from the chess museum

I do not have very many of these tribal sets , but my general favourite is a  moro set from the Philippines, and there is readily available information on the internet about these sets which I would recommend picking up as prices for these chessmen seem to be rather low at present.


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November 24, 2019

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