early 20th th century German figural set

purchased in late 2004 whilst I was in hospital being treated for lung cancer, by the extra excellent N H S , this set was a very welcome surprise . I believe this is most likely an early 20th century German figural set .

Wood type I have no idea , and I believe the carving is pretty good , with a 4.5 inch king , and my favourite pieces being the pawns.

the set is displayed on a board made of cork tiles ??!!! not exactly the most popular material for a chess board, but I purchased it because I was most curious. to see what it was like and certainly not disappointed .

the piece stability is excellent and fine for playing with, and this E Bay purchase was far from costly perhaps because these sets can be less sought after.

the current market is flooded by repro duction sets, so I doubt I would exchange this one for a dozen of them!!!, as I am extremely fond of it.not every collector wants a collection full of Staunton sets, and having variety gives one all the pleasure


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December 12, 2019

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