Jaques Morphy 1849-50 ivory Staunton set


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This early Jaques Ivory Staunton set, can be safely described as a scarce one, 8.5 cms king.

Sadly we now have a ban on selling Ivory at present. No matter, as the very idea of selling this treasure ,

Is like a horror story no chance !!!!!

At the very recent Oxford C C I meeting , professor Alan Fersht, kindly  did a talk on the current Ivory  ban ,

& Confirmed that some selected sets may quality for an exemption , of this ban. Thus easing the existing

Pain on collectors , thus offering hope, for collectors of  very scarce, & for important historic sets.

Collectors who own very well known  Ivory sets or not rare, should exercise restraint if considering, applying

For an exemption certificate , as the cost is considerable, but failure can result in a financial loss , with

A double hit, as the fee is not refunded,& the set is unsellable ” O U C H”



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December 12, 2018

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  1. Charlie

    Glad you still have the set Guy, beautiful.


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